After the loss of a loved one, the last thing you want to spend your time doing is navigating the maze of legalities that is the probate process. If you have been named the executor or administrator of your loved one's estate, you can seek guidance from an experienced attorney to help you get through the probate process.

At Cooley & Offill Law Firm, our lawyers will provide the guidance you need. We will help you with the legalities while you focus on being with your family. We will do everything we can so you can spend these days with the memories of your loved one, rather than with thoughts of how legal issues are going to be resolved. With more than 30 years of experience, we truly understand the Kentucky probate process. We have handled well over 500 probate cases since our establishment. Your loved one's estate will be in good hands.

Did Your Loved One Have A Will Or A Trust?

The approach we take will depend on the amount of estate planning, if any, your loved one did. If there was a will, we will see that your loved one's final wishes are followed. If there was a trust, we will assist with the administration tasks that will be necessary. If there was no estate plan, we will proceed according to state law.

Resolving Will Contests And Estate Disputes

Perhaps you believe that there was something wrong with the will. Did one family member exert undue influence to gain advantage in the document? Was your loved one of sound mind when it was created? Maybe the language is unclear and the lack of precision has led to disagreements within the family. Whatever the case may be, we will help you resolve the dispute, using the skills we have developed over the course of many years of practice to find solutions with minimal animosity if possible.

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