Getting The Justice You Deserve

Good people die as a result of others' negligence. It is tragic and so frustrating when a loved one's death could have been avoided. We demand these harmful parties pay for the harm caused! Kentucky law states that you may file a lawsuit against the negligent person who caused your loved one's preventable death.

How is negligence determined? Negligence is strictly defined by state law as a failure to exercise reasonable care. This means that a texting or speeding driver who crashed into another vehicle can legally be held accountable for their actions in court. Your family deserves justice and full compensation, and we will fight for it.

Experienced Attorneys At Your Side

The accidental death of a loved one can lead to myriad expenses. A wrongful death settlement can recover compensation for medical bills, funeral expenses and property damage. A settlement can even cover nonmonetary damages such as pain and suffering. Compensation cannot erase the hurt of a lost loved one, but it can make adjusting to a new life a little easier.

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Your needs are important, and we recognize that. You should not wait another moment to speak to an attorney. We will speak with you immediately when you call us. Call us to arrange an appointment at one of our offices in Owensboro, Lexington or Louisville by calling 800-258-1120, or fill out our online contact form.