What Should You Say To The Insurance Company After An Accident?

Calling your insurance company after a motor vehicle accident should be handled with care. You can offer a brief factual description of the accident.

Talking with the other party's insurance company is dangerous. Although they appear friendly, they want to offer the lowest compensation possible. One wrong move on your part damages your claim. It is advised to have our firm present for conversations with this insurance carrier.

Do Not Panic And Take A Lowball Settlement

Insurance companies will offer low settlements. Many auto accident victims accept these offers and forever release their claims. The piling medical bills and lost wages can create panic. Keep in mind that our firm can secure timely and fair compensation for you.

Our lawyers handle the insurance companies and push for a fair settlement offer that covers your damages. Having an attorney at your side during conversations with the insurance company shows that you know what you are doing. They will understand that lowball offers will be rejected. At Cooley & Offill Law Firm, we are tough negotiators, and we are focused on achieving the best compensation possible for your goals. If the insurance company refuses to offer a fair settlement then we are prepared to fight for your best interests in court.

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