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Financial support is important for any divorced or separated parent raising their child. An appropriate monthly payment is important so your child can maintain a balanced standard of living. Child support is determined in Kentucky by rules set out in the Child Support Guidelines chart. The amount is set in court based on both parents' combined income and the number of children involved. It is important to receive help from an experienced attorney to ensure that all factors are considered and the proper deductions are applied.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Child Support

Is child support always determined exactly by the Child Support Guidelines chart?

A judge will follow the guidelines chart to determine the child support award, but the payment can differ depending on your circumstances. A judge may change child support if the child has special needs, if a parent has special needs or if the parents have an unusual amount of income. A child support agreement can also be made between the parents outside of normal guidelines and approved by the court.

What if we are not married?

If the child was born out of wedlock then you will need to establish paternity to establish child support. A man can be assigned as the legal father by agreement or through a court order.

Is child support permanent?

Child support must be paid until the child turns 18, or 19 if the child is still in high school at age 18. The payment can be modified due to a change of circumstances. Job loss or a change in income is a good reason to petition for a modification of child support.

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