Eliminate Unmanageable Debt With A Chapter 13 Repayment Plan

Your current monthly payments for credit card, medical or loan debts are likely unmanageable. The outlook appears bleak as interest continues to build up. Chapter 13 bankruptcy may allow you to organize all of your current monthly payments into one, manageable payment. In Chapter 13 bankruptcy, you will give one monthly payment based on your income for up to 60 months. This reorganization of debts could be a peaceful solution to your current stressful financial situation.

Why Choose Chapter 13 Bankruptcy?

Paying off debt through a Chapter 13 bankruptcy plan offers a number of benefits allowing you to:

  • Consolidate debt
  • Stop home foreclosure — even if it's tomorrow
  • Stop wage garnishments
  • Keep your vehicle

You can file for Chapter 13 under almost any circumstance, even if you have filed for bankruptcy before. The payment plan is flexible. You can stretch out your payment plan or choose to pay it down quickly. The total payment amount is often lower than the original total amount of debt owed.

Chapter 13, much like Chapter 7, will halt creditor harassment. Once you have filed for bankruptcy, creditors can no longer send you letters, emails or call you. Once the payment plan is complete, creditors cannot ask you to pay them in full.

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